Tony Chai  


Power Rangers Lost Episodes Series


This project started off as a simple re-creation of an episode of Power Rangers with my own cast, story direction, and special effects.

However, after gaining viral popularity in local film competitions and social sites such as Youtube and Facebook, this project developed into a series trilogy with its own fanbase.

For every episode, I went through the following methodology:

    • List possible cast members
    • Write script and storyboard
    • Audition selected members
    • Film
    • Record voiceovers
    • Import/edit all sequences and piece into a main sequence
    • Background noise reduction
    • Special effects for selected scenes
    • Voiceovers, sound effects, music
    • Titling
    • Release rough draft to cast members and video community
    • Revise project according to relevant feedback
    • Finalize and release episode




  • Adobe Premiere
    • Main sequencing
    • Audio timing and consistency with video layers
    • Titling
    • Transitions
  • Adobe After Effects and ParticleIllusion
    • Chroma key (green screen)
    • Lightsaber effects
    • Teleporting
    • Fireballs/Explosions
  • Adobe Photoshop
    • Menu/title/victory screens (imitating RPG game-like design)
    • Promotional posters/images
  • Adobe Soundbooth
    • Voiceovers
    • Sound effects
    • Altering reverb/echo/dB
    • Noise reduction


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Behind the Scenes

A look at what its like during filming.
Green screens were built using several bright green posters.




Screenshots of Episodes

Direct screencaps from episodes 1, 2, and 3.


Lost Episode 1: 11:54
Lost Episode 2: 13:11
Lost Episode 3: 15:26
The Lost Movie: 16:14

Episodes available at: