Tony Chai  


Motion Capture

[Vicon Nexus, Vicon Blade, C++ OpenGL]

I used UPenn's SIG Center for my motion capture, featuring a Vicon Motion Capture System set up with 12 MX Cameras and 800 square feet of space. After calibrating the cameras and placing proper markers according to the Max Biped format, I captured many of my motions including walking, turning, jumping, and dancing. I then cleaned up this data, labeled the skeleton accordingly, and exported it in a useable format [bvh] to use for other applications.

In my case, I designed a character controller which takes the motions captured and puts it in a move tree, allowing the user to control where the character is moving based on user input. I rendered the skeleton as cylinders in OpenGL.


Screenshot of Character Controller
Joystick in 'Right' direction = Character turning 'Right'